Mount Lawu hiking trails reopened. This opening is a sign that the destination has passed the fire emergency response period.

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The hiking trail in question is Mount Lawu through Cemoro Sewu Magetan. The opening of the hiking trail began on Monday (20/11) afternoon.

Opening of Hiking Trails to Grow Tourism Sector Grows Again

Taking information from detikJatim, Monday (11/20/2023), according to Yudiono, who is the ADM Representative of the Lawu Forest Management Unit, "Alhamdulillah, we are reopening the Mount Lawu hiking trail via Cemoro Sewu after closing since the fire disaster."

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Yudiono said some of the reasons underlying the opening of the hiking trail were the wishes of the surrounding community and coordination with the ranks of the TNI-Polri and related agencies. Before the opening, continued Yudi, motivational actions had been carried out with BPBD Magetan.

"The aspirations of the surrounding community ask for the reopening of the hiking trail. Together with BPBD, we have also carried out mitigation related to the post-forest fire impact," said Yudiono.

Yudiono said that the opening of hiking trails was also to regrow Mount Lawu's tourism sector. In the opening of climbing trails, increased preparedness was also carried out in efforts to secure climbing trails.

"The opening of hiking trails is also an effort to grow the tourism sector again. We are also increasing preparedness in efforts to secure hiking trails," explained Yudiono.

"We also provide additional prohibition signs and appeals for climbers," Yudiono added.

Yudiono added that climbers to always obey the rules imposed.

"The appeal of climbers to obey the rules and prohibitions of climbing. The maximum limit of climbing is two days and immediately report to the officer if it is more than two days," said Yudiono.