Having a hobby of traveling and being paid a good salary is certainly a fun thing. Of course, this can be called a 'paid hobby', and this makes the work done not boring. The question now is, what are the traveling jobs that pay well?

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Unlike before, with now, in the past, it seemed impossible for the hobby to be paid for, let alone the hobby of traveling far. But everything has changed, so many types of travel-based jobs can make money.

This "paid hobby" seems to describe work related to traveling, and instead of spending money, earning money for traveling. Traveling is one of the fun activities that can relieve stress for workers.

Jobs That Pay Well To Travel

This is an interesting, channeled hobby, a fun job can be done with a high salary. What a pleasure of life that cannot be repaid in words. And this is certainly everyone's dream.

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Curious about what jobs are paid while enjoying traveling?

Here are some jobs that can enjoy traveling and get paid, including:

1. Flight attendant.

Launching the Expert Vagabonds page, one of the best jobs for those of you who like and like traveling is as a flight attendant.

Their main duties include conducting safety checks before takeoff, offering food and drinks to passengers, as well as demonstrating emergency procedures.

Many people dream of becoming a flight attendant. How could it not? In just one day, you can be in several cities or countries. Even outside of working hours, you can walk around the city or country you are visiting, and feel various tourist attractions and typical foods.

Instead of spending money, you will get a large enough salary. The longer your flying hours, the greater the base salary and flying money.

2. Reporter

For those of you who are good at communicating and delivering news, being a reporter can be an option. Reporters will usually go directly to the field to report news.

You also have to be ready to fly out of town to get news in person. Not only that, they also often present big events and meet many famous people. The more experienced, usually the greater the salary earned.

3. Travel Agency

A travel agency is a traveling job but paid. Many people need a travel agent to reduce the burden and difficulty of planning their trip.

Later, travel agents take care of various aspects of travel, such as airline tickets, and hotel reservations, to make visit schedules.

Being a travel agent is not easy. Even so, the income generated is quite large, in one trip.

4. Tour Guide

Launching Business News Daily, work as a tour guide is also very likely to be prioritized by those of you who like traveling.

Tour guides allow you to work while traveling. They are responsible for accompanying, guiding, and informing tourists about the attractions being visited.

This traveling hobby job is not easy. At least, you must have high communication skills, improvisation, and humor skills so that the tourists you bring do not feel bored.

5. Photographer

If you have a passion for taking pictures, you can work as a photographer.

Photographers will usually get calls from clients to shoot in various places, even abroad.

You can also become a travel photographer who photographs objects in all parts of the world. Later, your photos can be sold to the media. That way, you can earn money from your work.

A photographer's income varies greatly depending on type, quality, and experience.

6. Travel writer

References for a piece of writing can probably be obtained from anywhere. However, it will feel more satisfying if you can jump directly to research what will be written.

Related to traveling, job opportunities as a travel writer can be one of your choices.

According to Go2HR, travel writers are specialists who often travel to faraway places to develop stories and journalism articles related to tourism.

They are usually employed by travel sites and events, magazines, trade publications, government agencies, or as freelance writers.

That's a bit of information about "traveling jobs that pay well". Hopefully, the information is useful and a reference for those of you who want to run a hobby and do a job you like.