Enjoying a vacation abroad, of course, is a separate and fun experience, especially since the vacation is done alone. There must be interesting things that you can get, one of them when choosing traveling to Argentina. Many tourist attractions in Argentina are the main attraction when the holidays arrive. Argentina with its million charms can become a tourist destination quite popular after several other countries such as Paris, Thailand, and other European regions.

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Argentina is one of the countries in Latin America that has many stunning tourist destinations. Not only known for its football team, Argentina also has interesting tourist spots to visit.

Traveling In Argentina

Argentina itself is a suitable place for vacation. The country known for a great footballer such as Messi and Maradona turns out to have various places that are no less beautiful than other countries.

Curious about various tourist attractions in Argentina? Check out some interesting tourist attractions in Argentina below:

1. Perito Moreno Glacier

There are popular glaciers around Patagonia, Los Glaciares National Park, which is the main destination for every tourist. Vacation to the tourist attractions of Argentina seems incomplete without going to the Perito Moreno Glacier. Ice trekking is available for visitors to enjoy. In addition, there is also beautiful mountain scenery on the Chilean border.

2. Barrios City

The city of Barrios is one of Argentina's most interesting tourist attractions. Located in South America, Barrios City is the most special destination because it provides many mainstay attractions. There are many museums, wide and historic streets, to Plaza De Mayo with the most unique items and world fashion trends.

3. Ushuaia

In the southern part of Argentina there is the city of Ushuaia which is one of the most visited tourist cities every year. At first, the city was a penal colony built at the beginning of the XX century. Today, the city of Ushuaia has become a popular city for tourists who want to travel to Antarctica or around Cape Horn.

4. Puerto Madryn

The next tourist attraction of the country of Argentina is Puerto Madryn. This Puerto Madryn city is not far from the shores of Golvo Nuevo, a protected area on the Patagonian Coast. Located on the coast, it turns out that this area is filled with tourists who want to see the most beautiful beach scenery in the Argentine region.

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Various activities can be done in Puerto Madryn such as sunbathing, swimming, or watching nature shows when rows of Southern Right Whale whales give birth to their calves. If you want to see this rare show live, it's best to come in summer or mid-July.

5. Teatro Colon

Located in Buenos Aires, this place known as an art building turns out to attract many tourists when visiting Argentina. Many performances can be seen here, ranging from opera to typical Argentine culture and the scenery around the beautiful building. There are also cinema facilities, theaters, and some unique attractions of local culture every week.

6. Palermo Park

The next tourist spot of Argentina is Palermo Park which is still beautiful with typical views of green shades of trees. Enjoying the green atmosphere and making Palermo Park a natural tourist with family is the most appropriate choice when the holiday season arrives. Here, visitors can take advantage of various rides that have been provided by the manager ranging from children's games, selfie photo spots, and family gathering areas.

7. Bariloche

The beauty of snowy hills and cool lakes can be witnessed in the following location, Bariloche name. Tourist attractions in Argentina store unusual beauty, where all visitors can admire the beauty of snow like in Switzerland. The city of Bariloche is a popular city with a typical Swiss landscape and is located in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina.

Many activities that visitors can do in this place, including when winter arrives, heavy snow can be a medium for doing activities such as skiing, or nature adventure by hunting fish around the lake. Sometimes, tourists just enjoy the beauty of the grandest ski station in South America, Cerro Caterdal.

8. Iguazu Falls

Natural wonders that display the beauty of waterfalls in South America are the most fitting name for Iguazu Falls. The waterfall in this place spoils the eye with its beauty and uniqueness. Iguazu Falls is even the icon of the most magnificent waterfall and is always crowded as a mainstay tourist destination of Argentina.

Iguazu Falls is on the Iguazu River which turns out to be the border area between Argentina and Brazil. Visitors must first enter the scope of Iguazu National Park to be able to get to the location of the waterfall. After that, the manager will offer a trip by boat or just on foot to get to the beauty of Iguazu Falls. Don't worry, because the stunning scenery around the trip is guaranteed not to be boring.

9. Mar De Plata

Mar De Plata in the past turned out to be known only as a special tourist area for aristocrats. However, now Mar De Plata has become a tourist attraction of Argentina which is so famous for the beauty of its beaches. Facing directly to the Atlantic Ocean, Mar De Plata is never even empty of visitors when the holiday season arrives. In Argentina, the name Mar De Plata is already popular as a beautiful coastal area.

In addition to local tourists, it turns out that it is not uncommon for foreign visitors to be attracted by the charm of this beach. Being one of the best beaches in Argentina, it seems like Mar De Plata can be the main destination when visiting this exotic country.

10. Mendoza

It turns out that the country of Argentina also provides a special place of interest for lovers of equestrian sports. This one activity can be done while visiting the Mendoza area, a tourist attraction of the most unique Argentine country. Here, every visitor is free to do natural activities such as horse riding, fishing, or enjoying the scenery around the beautiful lake.

11. Ades Mountains

One more tourist spot in Argentina that is worth visiting when you want to enjoy the beauty of the grassland with a collection of amazing mountains. The Ades Mountains are highly recommended for tourists who like to play with horses. In this location, there are various facilities to be able to enjoy equestrian sports with affordable equipment.

The Ades Mountains are also the main icon of mountains in America which are in demand by many climbers. Climbing Mount Aconcagua can be a fun activity while here. Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in Ades which is known to have a fairly safe terrain. For lovers of skiing, it turns out that the Ades mountains also facilitate visitors with the bonus charm of typical American snow beds.

That's a bit of information about "traveling to Argentina". Hopefully, the information is useful and a reference for you.