What can you imagine with Probolinggo? Surely you have in mind some interesting and beautiful tourist attractions, such as Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Gili Ketapang, or various tourist attractions that are currently beautifully built, such as BJBR (BeeJay Bakau Resort). But there is one interesting tourist spot, beach tourism that you must visit when you stop in Probolinggo, namely Bohay Beach, a favorite tourist attraction in Probolinggo, East Java.

Bohay Beach, a Favorite Tourism in Probolinggo, East Java
The beauty of the beach set against the backdrop of the Paiton Power Plant (Photo: instagram.com/pantaiwisatabohayofficial)

Bohay here is an abbreviation of the name of the beautiful beach, which stands for Binor Beach, and Harmony Beach, which is abbreviated by the name "Bohay".

Bohay Beach, a Beach Set by the Paiton Power Plant

As has been discussed for some time which discusses one of the interesting beaches in the Tongas area, Probolinggo, then Bohay Beach is one of the beaches that you should not miss, and is also one of the beaches that stretches from the west end to the east end of Probolinggo.

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Bohay Beach is one of the interesting beaches that you can visit, especially for those of you who have a hobby of taking photos of natural beauty. An interesting thing that should not be missed is when the sun sets at the west end with the glitter of the Paiton PLTU (Steam Power Plant).

Bohay Beach, a Beach Set by the Paiton Power Plant
Paiton Power Plant Background (Photo: instagram.com/dewanggara27)

As one of the attractive tourist destinations in Probolinggo, Bohay Beach is located on the border of Probolinggo - Situbondo or precisely in Coastal Hamlet, Binor Village, Paiton District, Probolinggo Regency, and is also very easily accessible on Jalan Raya Pantura (North Beach) Surabaya-Situbondo Km 140, Probolinggo.

Enjoy Interesting Beach Tours

As a tourist destination, there are many things offered at Bohay Beach, in addition to natural beauty with the background of the Paiton PLTU scenery, also interesting things that should not be missed are underwater beauty, where you can snorkel, and can also explore the beach area with fun activities.

Diving at Bohay Beach
Diving at Bohay Beach (Photo: instagram.com/candradani14)

In addition to some of the exciting activities above, you can enjoy various tour packages, such as watersports and diving.

Diving at Bohay Beach
Snorkeling (Photo: instagram.com/dimasprayoga.dewandaru)

What activities can you do? There are various packages that you can choose to enjoy fun activities at Bohay Beach, including:

  • Floating House Package (a fish breeding place that is perfect for educational facilities). The package price is very cheap only Rp. 10 thousand per person, and a minimum of 5 people. In this game, you can get life jacket facilities, guide services, and boats, for about 45 minutes.
  • Donut boat package. The price per person is Rp. 10 thousand, with a minimum number of 5 people. The facilities offered are the Floating House Package, with the addition of a donut boat, with a short duration of about 20 minutes.
  • Adventure Trail package, this package is more challenging. With a price of Rp. 250 thousand per person with a maximum of 3 people, you will get facilities in the form of helmets, gloves, shoes, welcome drinks, and guide services, as well as one meal. With a time of up to 9 hours.
  • Package Fishing. This package is suitable for those of you who like fishing for IDR 750 thousand per person at least 5 people. You will get various facilities such as live bait, guide services, and boats. You can also enjoy grilled fish, mineral water, and also fishing at the rumpon spot 20 to 30 meters with grouper, snapper, and white, for about 5 hours.
  • Snorkeling Package. The price is around Rp 100 thousand per person with a minimum of 5 people, you can get a variety of complete snorkeling equipment, boats and also two snorkeling spots in Karang Keranji and Toyo, and also bonus pictures at Ruma h Apung.
  • Diving Package, with a price of IDR 600 thousand per person, minimum 3 people. You can get a scuba set, boat, and diving at the Karang Keranji spot in about 2 hours, and also get food and drink, welcome drinks, and also guide services.

Visitors who do not want to enjoy the tour package can enjoy the beauty of the beach panorama while relaxing, and can also enjoy a variety of cuisines provided by the beach manager. There are chairs and tables around the beach.

Enjoy grilled fish at bohay beach
Enjoy grilled fish (Photo: instagram.com/pantaiwisatabohayofficial)

Curious? Hopefully, a little note about the beauty of "Bohay Beach" a favorite tourist in Probolinggo, East Java can be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of tourism in Probolinggo.