Want to see a forest landscape similar to the one in the movie "Lord of the Rings"? It seems that this one place can be an option if you want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in Indonesia. The beauty of De Djawatan Benculuk Forest in Banyuwangi is the answer.

The Beauty of De Djawatan Benculuk Forest Banyuwangi
De Djawatan Benculuk Forest (Photo: yukbanyuwangi.co.id)

Attractions that offer a green and shady atmosphere and trembesi trees are ready to make your tour different.

Location of De Djawatan Benculuk Forest

De Djawatan Forest is located in Benculuk Village, Cluring District, about 45 kilometers from downtown Banyuwangi.

The location of De Djawatan Benculuk Forest is relatively accessible, both using public and private transportation.

De Djawatan Benculuk Silent Witness to the Success of Perum Perhutani and There Are 805 150-Year-Old Trees

Entering the De Djawatan forest, visitors are immediately presented with towering and shady trembesi trees. De Djawatan's writing became the first selfie spot when entering this place.

The tourist spot was only opened in June 2018. The name De Djawatan is used to remind the whole community that the location is the glorious place of Perum Perhutani (the State Company that handles forests in Indonesia).

Location of De Djawatan Benculuk Forest
Beautiful atmosphere of trembesi trees (Photo: Google Maps/rijaalfa)

One thing that makes it even more special, De Djawatan is not a forest either. The area is only 3.8 hectares. De Djawatan is just a former teak storage land owned by the Perhutani Bureau.

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In the past, Perhutani was called 'Djawatan Kehutanan'. In addition, the entrance access to the De Djawatan location belongs to PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI). His name is Djawatan PT KAI. To make the place a memory, the manager was chosen with the name 'De Djawatan'.

This tourist spot does feature a panoramic view of giant trembesi trees. The management also does not provide artificial tourism facilities and still maintains the beauty of the forest.

If you want to take pictures with a background like the vangor forest in the Lord of The Rings film, De Djawatan can be the place of choice when you come to Indonesia.

De Djawatan Benculuk Silent Witness to the Success of Perum Perhutani and There Are 805 150-Year-Old Trees
Like the vangor forest in the Lord of The Rings film (Photo: Instagram.com/nature_of_harmony/)

There are about 805 trees that are about 100 to 150 years old. The tree has a circumference between 400 and 500 centimeters (cm). If the circumference of the tree is 400 cm, then the diameter can be 1.5 meters to 2 meters.

The tree is on a nine-hectare tourist land. Unfortunately, trembesi trees are easily brittle and broken. Therefore, the manager always carries out regular maintenance for the safety of visitors.

Route to De Djawatan Forest

When coming from Jakarta by train, there are two choices of stopping stations:

  • You can stop at Rogojampi Station or Banyuwangi. If you take the train, get off at Rogojampi Station.
  • Continue with the pedicab and ask to take the highway to take the bus to Jember. Then get off at the T-junction of the Benculuk red light.

The bus price from around Rogojampi Station to Benculuk red light T-junction is around Rp 20,000 per person. From the Benculuk red light, tourists just walk about 100 meters to De Djawatan Forest.

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If from Banyuwangi Baru Station, you must first continue the journey to Karangente Terminal using city transportation. The cost incurred is around Rp 5,000. Then you can take public transportation up from Karangente Terminal and get off at the Benculuk red light T-junction.

Tips to Enjoy the Beauty of De Djawatan Benculuk Forest
Green and shady atmosphere in De Djawatan Forest (Photo: dakatour.com)

The buses used are the Banyuwangi - Jember or Banyuwangi - Surabaya routes. The bus fare to Benculuk red light T-junction is around Rp 20,000 per person.

When using a private vehicle from Banyuwangi City, tourists can simply direct towards Jember. The path traveled is the provincial line then to the Benculuk red light T-junction.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours of De Djawatan

  • The ticket price to enter this natural tourist spot is very cheap at only Rp. 10,000 per person.
  • This tourist spot is open from 07.00 to 12.00 WIB. Then from 13.00 to 17.00 WIB.

Tips to Enjoy the Beauty of De Djawatan Benculuk Forest

There are five tips if you want to visit De Djawatan Banyuwangi (quoting from Kompas.com):

1. Come on weekdays

If you want to enjoy the tranquility and beauty in the middle of the De Djawatan Banyuwangi trembesi forest, the best time comes on weekdays or Monday to Friday. That's because the atmosphere in this tourist attraction will be quieter.

Conversely, if you come on weekends or during long weekends, De Djawatan Banyuwangi will be filled with many tourists. The atmosphere becomes crowded by the presence of visitors, especially if someone holds events such as music concerts.

In addition, when it is crowded, it is difficult to be able to get photos, only with trees. The photos will most likely leak with other visitors. If it is quiet, then visitors can be free enough to take pictures there.

2. Pay attention to the route to get there

This second tip is specifically for those who have never visited De Djawatan Banyuwangi. Although in general the route is easy, there is a risk of missing because the signpost to De Djawatan is small.

Therefore, it is better if you take advantage of a signpost application such as Google Maps.

De Djawatan entrance is before Benculuk T-junction. The exact location of the entrance is on the north side of the Jami' Al-Falah Benculuk Mosque. If you drive farther than the two places, you can be sure that the entrance has been missed.

3. Come in the morning or evening

The opening hours of De Djawatan Banyuwangi are 07.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB or 17.30 WIB. The best time to visit there is in the morning during opening hours or in the afternoon starting at 15.30 WIB.

That's because the position of the sun is inclined to the east or west so that the light will look charming between the gaps in the trunks and leaves of trembesi trees.

Good lighting makes the panorama in De Djawatan more beautiful and suitable for selfies or photos.

4. No vandalism

The large trembesi tree in De Djawatan is Instagramable. However, that uniqueness is just to be enjoyed. Visitors must not damage or vandalize.

Dishonorable actions such as carving names on tree trunks or scribbling on tree trunks will detract from the beauty of the Fangorn Forest-like charm in De Djawatan.

In addition, visitors should also not carelessly pick plants or break tree branches to take home. The sustainability of De Djawatan is a shared responsibility of all visitors.

5. Dispose of garbage in its place

Enjoying the cool and beautiful De Djawatan is best done while eating food or drinking drinks. This trembesi forest is also perfect for picnic activities by eating and drinking on mats.

However, of course, food or drink wrappers should be disposed of in place. That's because just one pack of packaging that is thrown carelessly can reduce the beauty of De Djawatan Forest.

An extraordinary gift from God, hopefully, this information about "The Beauty of De Djawatan Benculuk Banyuwangi Forest" provides information for those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the forest in Banyuwangi.