Something is interesting this time, namely "Lake Toba in Indonesia became a Google Doodle today", Thursday (31/8/2023).

Google Doodle raised the theme of Lake Toba today because it coincided with its designation as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2020.

Lake Toba in Indonesia Becomes Google Doodle Today
Lake Toba became a Google Doodle today (Photo: Screenshoot Google)

As stated in as taken on the Google Doodle page "Lake Toba is a natural result of a large volcanic eruption from the Toba Caldera thousands of years ago. Lake Toba also has beautiful scenery and is home to the UNESCO Global Geopark."

Here are some facts about Lake Toba that were also raised by Google in this celebration.

1. The largest crater lake in the world

One of the five Super Priority Destinations is the largest crater lake in the world and one of the deepest in the world.

Lake Toba, Indonesia
Lake Toba (Photo:

Quoted from the website of the Toba Regency Tourism and Culture Office, this lake has an area of 1,145 square kilometers and is surrounded by rows of green and spoiling the eyes.

2. Formed 74,000 years ago

The Toba caldera erupted more than 74,000 years ago and created Lake Toba.

The eruption triggered the collapse of the volcano's magma chamber, which then created the island. Today, the island is known as Samosir Island which is a popular tourist destination as well as the home of several indigenous Toba tribes.

The indigenous people of Batak Toba are the indigenous people of this region. Their traditional villages are also a special attraction for tourists.

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In these villages, tourists can see traditional dances such as Tor-Tor and buy authentic woodcarving souvenirs.

3. Wrapped in legends

Indonesian people certainly already know about the legend related to the emergence of Lake Toba.

The story of the legend that develops in this community is also a special attraction for tourism.

Quoted from the website of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, legend, it is said that Lake Toba originated from an orphaned young man named Toba who worked daily as a farmer and fished in the river.

One day, he got a golden fish while fishing in the Toba River. Because the fish looked beautiful, Toba took it home to be raised. However, the golden fish then transformed into a beautiful female figure who made him fall in love.

He even decided to marry her, but the fish princess gave a condition that Toba must keep his origin a secret from anyone.

Their household ran harmoniously until they had a child named Samosir. One day, Samosir was asked by his mother to deliver food to Toba in the field. But because he was hungry, he even ate the provisions halfway.

The father who was spontaneously furious and shouted Samosir was a fish boy. It made the sky dark and heavy rain fell for days. The rain then created a large lake that we now know as Lake Toba and the island in the middle of the lake is called Samosir Island.

Isn't it interesting? That's a little information about "Lake Toba in Indonesia becomes Google Doodle today". Hope it is useful.