Traveling to Yogyakarta is a pleasant trip, especially a tour related to history. This time we focused on a visit to Yogyakarta which has a good value to be immortalized.

One of the things we went to was the "Ratu Boko Temple", this temple is an ancient site located in Bokoharjo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman. This temple is now very easy to reach and is 18 kilometers from Yogyakarta City.

The Beautiful Charm of Ratu Boko Temple
Ratu Boko Temple (Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK / Sad Agus)

To go to Ratu Boko Temple is very easy, if you arrive at Jalan Solo at kilometers 17 or close to Prambanan Temple, just take the direction to Piyungan Market.

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Ratu Boko Temple is located in an area of 25 hectares and at an altitude of 196 meters above sea level. To enter Ratu Boko Temple, there is indeed a difference between regular tickets and tickets for the Ratu Boko Sunset Temple package.

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Beautiful Charm of Ratu Boko (Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK / Catatan NDL)

Ratu Boko itself is very famous and has the best choice place to enjoy the sunset in Yogyakarta. Why can it be said to have the best place for sunset? This is because of its location in the hills.

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Ratu Boko Palace is a relic of an archaeological site that is different from other sites because Ratu Boko is a former palace complex consisting of several parts of development.

Ratu Boko Temple seen from afar
Ratu Boko Temple seen from afar (Photo:

In parts of the temple, some buildings complement the palace. In the middle of the complex, there is a main gate as the entrance to the complex, field, pond, paseban, and temple for burning. In the southeast, there is also a pendapa, hall, three temples, ponds, and a keputren complex. In the east there is a stone cave while in the west only consists of hills, Prambanan Temple is visible in this section.

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There is an interesting legend about the story of Ratu Boko Temple, namely there is a King named Prabu Dewatasari or better known as Prabu Boko who lives in Prambanan Palace.

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Ratu Boko (Photo: 

The location of Boko temple is indeed very interesting because it is located on top of Bukit Seribu with a height of approximately 200 meters so this place is often hunted to enjoy the sunset.

In addition to enjoying the sunset, we can see Prambanan Temple, the view of Mount Merapi and Merbabu which looks beautiful very magnificent. Half of Yogyakarta City is also visible from these hills.