Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of Raja Ampat? If ever, then congratulations to you, because you have enjoyed the paradise of adventure on earth in Ujung Papua. The shadow of Raja Ampat certainly gives a pleasant sensation when going to travel, with the open ocean and with coral islands, and also welcomed by several jumping dolphins. But what if the Raja Ampat you see is in another area, with a depiction model as if in Raja Ampat? There must be more or less something different, but this time the depiction can be represented in this article which provides information about the Thousand Straits Beach, Raja Ampat from South Malang, East Java.

Speaking of natural beauty in Indonesia, there is indeed no end, so many hidden paradises in Indonesia. Indeed, what makes the place is not yet known, because the tourist resources have not been processed properly.

However, with the development of time and awareness of the Malang Regency Government and the surrounding community to develop the concept of natural tourism, making natural tourism can begin to be known and begin to be visited by tourists.

Laguna Beach (Photo: drive2.com)

South Malang, is an area included in the Malang Regency, East Java Province in Indonesia. And talking about the hidden paradise, there are several tourist attractions in the Malang Regency area, with 44 beautiful beaches, and become mandatory destinations for travelers.

Towards the beauty of the beach in South Malang

Malang, is one of the cities in East Java, besides being famous for its culture, it is also famous for its natural beauty. It is not wrong if you choose South Malang to enjoy the beauty of nature, because in South Malang there are rows of beaches that are ready to pamper you to see the extraordinary natural beauty.

It is very easy to go to South Malang, before heading to South Malang, you must arrive at Malang City first, as the main meeting point.

  • From Surabaya to Malang: You can use or rent a land vehicle (either public transportation, such as a bus at a cheaper price or rent a vehicle through a travel agent) or use airlines available to Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport in Malang City, with a travel time of about 1 hour 30 minutes, with flight ticket prices starting from Rp. 1.200.000,-  (ticket price in the rupiah exchange rate – Indonesian currency).
  • If you want to go by road, there are plenty of car rentals to explore Malang, from Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, Malang.

Travel to South Malang

Leaving the city of Malang, heading to South Malang, you can go through the southern causeway, your trip will be treated to the beauty of the hilly atmosphere. And behind the hill, there are dozens of beautiful beaches scattered in South Malang.

One of the best beaches that can be enjoyed is Ungapan Beach, this beach is located in Gajah Rejo Village, Sumber Manjing District, Malang, at a distance of 2.5 hours from the city. Many activities that you can do on this beach such as beach volleyball, outbound, or camping.

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Three beach tours can be your main destination, when visiting South Malang, including:

1. 'Seribu Selat' Beach, Sempu Island.

After enjoying Ungapan Beach, with a 15-minute drive to the south, you can find Tamban Beach which is a small port for fishermen. From Tamban Beach, you can take a boat to Sempu Island, with a distance of 800 meters in front of Tamban Beach.

The fishermen will provide small boats to take a closer look at Sempu Island. The price of renting a boat to Sempu Island is approximately Rp. 200,000 for a round trip. Sempu Island can be reached in 15 minutes.

On the west side of Sempu Island, you will find 'Seribu Selat' Beach with 15 islands located sporadically, almost similar to Raja Ampat in miniature size. Locals, call it the Thousand Straits Beach, which is made of limestone mountains and forests at the top, coupled with white sand lying below.

Towards the beauty of the beach in South Malang
Seribu Selat Beach (Photo: tempatwisata.pro)

When you are on the boat, you will see the beauty of 'Seribu Selat' B Beach, currently, you are not allowed to get off the boat and explore 'Seribu Selat' Beach and Sempu Island, this is because Sempu Island has been named a nature reserve that must be maintained authenticity.

To the west of 'Seribu Selat' Beach lies a lake like a private lagoon with the name "Segara Anakan". This saltwater lake of Sempu Island is closed by a coral island with holes in the middle. And behind it is a stretch of the Indian Ocean.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, you can go to Sendang Biru Beach or Tiga Warna to enjoy jetskiing at a distance of 10 minutes from Sempu Island. Interestingly, in the waters of Sempu Island, there are still leatherback turtles and green turtles.

2. Sendiki Beach

Sad because you can't enjoy the beauty of Sempu Island? Calm down and don't worry, you can ask the boat navigator to immediately turn eastward.

Sendiki Beach
Sendiki Beach (Photo: ngetripkemana.com) 

And within 30 minutes, you'll arrive at Sendiki Beach, which has 15 exotic tree houses plus swings.

Sendiki Beach also offers a comfortable atmosphere for camping and relaxing. Sendiki Beach with an area of 2 kilometers, can be explored by ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).

3. "Kali Apus" Beach

If you are still curious and want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the beach in South Malang, from Sendiki Beach you can find "Kali Apus" Beach, after continuing to the east. Kali Apus Beach has a beautiful view.

Kali Apus Beach
Kali Apus Beach (Photo: wisatamalangku.com)

There is "Tanjung Wanita", which is a small island in the middle of the coastline in a circular shape with three tunnels that can be passed by boats.

On the way back to Tamban Beach at the eastern end, you will be greeted by three caves on the cliff wall, with hundreds of swallows and a waterfall in the second cave.

There are many other activities, which you can do, and selected recommended destinations that you can visit, if you want activities other than the three beaches include:

  • Senorkeling, you can do snorkeling activities at Panti Bolu-bolu and Banyu Anjlok.
  • Surfing, for this activity you can at Ungapan Beach, Balekambang, and Wedi Ayu.
  • Professional Jet Ski, can be done in the south of Sempu Island and Kondang Merak Beach.
  • Paragliding, you can do in Bukit Modangan.
  • Relaxation, you can visit Coban Sewu Waterfall.
  • Rafting, for this activity you can do it on the Kasembon River.
  • Swimming, you can swim in Muara Sungai and Ungapan Beach.

Thousand Straits Beach, Raja Ampat from South Malang, East Java, will make you want to return to Malang, after enjoying the interesting tourist visit.