Mongkrang Hill climbing is still closed in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java caused by forest and land fires that hit the Mongkrang Hill area on Friday afternoon (22/9/2023).

Due to the forest fire, the Mongkrang Hill hiking trail was temporarily closed indefinitely.

The limit of visitors who will climb Mongkrang Karanganyar Hill. (Photo: Wikan Prasetya)

Taking information from, "However, fortunately, the fire in the Mongkrang Hill area did not last long The fire was finally extinguished on Saturday (23/9/2023)".

Mongkrang Hill Climbing Still Closed

Although the fire has been successfully extinguished, the Mongkrang Hill hiking trail has still not been reopened.

According to the manager, "Mongkrang Hill Climbing has not yet been opened. Still waiting for the next few days."

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The closure was deliberately carried out to monitor and ensure the condition of Mongkrang Hill was completely safe for climbing activities.

Mongkrang Hill is a hilly area located south of Mount Lawu.

Climbers can climb to the top of Mongkrang Hill from the Dringo Lake area or south of Cemara Kandang. The climb to the top of Bukit Mongkrang is usually taken in approximately 2 hours. The top of Mongkrang Hill consists of a savannah.