The fire that has hit the Mount Bromo area since Wednesday (6/9/2023), has indeed been extinguished. And now Mount Bromo has begun to open again, but tourists are prohibited from stepping on the savannah.

Taking information from, on Monday (18/9/2023), tourism has been open again since Tuesday (19/9/2023).

Tourists can again visit Mount Bromo from all available entrances.

Post-fire Conditions of Bromo Savannah (Photo:

The entrance to Bromo is via Cemorolawang, Probolinggo; Bukit Cinta, Pasuruan; Coban Trisula, Malang Regency; and Senduro, Lumajang Regency.

But after the fire, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Management tightened entry rules for tourists.

No Stepping on the Savannah

The first rule is, that tourists are prohibited from stepping on the savannah. Although engulfed in fire, visitors are prohibited from standing in the pasture.

Taking information from, Friday (22/9/2023), the ban was imposed for the restoration of the savannah.

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According to TNBTS Head of Region 1 Bambang Suriyono, "This ban is so that the burning savanna can be recovered first. Tourists can cross other roads."

Tourists can take pictures in places that have not been overgrown with grass for a long time.

There is a Luggage Check

The management of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park also tightened security at the entrance by checking tourists' luggage.

"Officers will check visitors' luggage at the entrance, both from Coban Trisula (Malang Regency), Wonokitri (Pasuruan Regency), Cemorolawang (Probolinggo Regency), and Senduro (Lumajang)."

The purpose of checking the item is to avoid the occurrence of unwanted things.

In addition to objects that can start fires, objects such as sprays and markers are also prohibited because they can be used to commit vandalism, for example crossing out stones.