There is a unique way to travel while enjoying the scenery of Surabaya City, namely by enjoying the Kalimas Boat Tour in Surabaya, East Java. Based on information from the official website of Surabaya City, Kalimas River is a river that is in the heart of the city as well as dividing the City of Heroes.  

Kalimas Boat Tour in Surabaya, East Java
(Photo: Instagram/@wisataperahukalimas)

This tourist destination has historical value because it bears witness to the struggle of Surabaya areks against invaders. It is not complete to visit Surabaya without trying Kalimas boat tours.

Kalimas boat attractions

Based on information from Antara, not just taking a boat, this tourist attraction combines the concepts of culinary, educational, shopping, and historical tourism.

Therefore, while down the river, visitors will be spoiled with several tourist destinations and panoramas of the city of Surabaya, including, Achievement Park, Education Museum, Expression Park, and Floating Market.

Interestingly, the banks of the Kalimas River have been beautified with paint, lights, and colorful lanterns.

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When walking down the Kalimas River at night, tourists will be amazed by the beauty of the arrangement of lights along the river. Not to mention, the fleet of boats is decorated in such a way that it looks attractive.

Visitors also do not need to doubt safety, because the Surabaya City Government has regulated a safe water discharge for visitors on the Kalimas River. When the dry season arrives, the floodgates of the Kalimas River are opened and during the rainy season, the floodgates are closed.

It should be noted, that Kalimas River was once the center of trade in the City of Heroes. Named Kalimas, because sailing along this river used to carry valuable goods.

In fact, during the Dutch trading partnership or Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC), the Kalimas River was the lifeblood of the Surabaya City trade.

Kalimas boat tour ticket price

Kalimas boat tour ticket prices are very affordable, which is IDR 4,000 per person, based on information from, with these rates, tourists can enjoy Kalimas boat tours from Taman Prestasi to Taman Expression.

Kalimas boat tour ticket price

Along the way, tourists can enjoy photo spots at the Education Museum, Taman Expression, and Floating Market, based on information from the Surabaya Tourism Ticket website. The entrance and end point of the route is Taman Prestasi Park.

Kalimas boat tour tickets can be booked through tiketwisata. website. For the afternoon session, ticket reservations open from 13.00 WIB, and the evening session tickets open at 17.00 WIB.

Kalimas boat tour opening hours

Kalimas boat tour opening hours start from 15.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB. This tourist attraction will be closed if the water condition of the Kalimas River recedes so that it does not allow boats to operate.

Kalimas boat tour opening hours
(Photo: Pemkot Surabaya)

For the record, ticket prices and operating hours are subject to change at any time. In addition, Kalimas boat attractions can also close at any time according to river conditions.

That's a little information about the "Kalimas Boat Tour in Surabaya, East Java". Hopefully, it can be a reference and make you interested in coming to Surabaya soon.