Mentawai... This name is very well known among lovers of traveling the world, many things can be done on this island. Mentawai, a beauty of Indonesia from natural charm to the oldest tattoo tradition in the world is very interesting for those of you who want to enjoy natural tourism in Indonesia.

Mentawai Islands is a regency located in West Sumatra Province.

Geographically, Mentawai Islands Regency is located at a position of 0°55'00'' – 3°21'00'' South Latitude and 98°35'00'' – 10°032'00'' East Longitude.

Mentawai, A Beauty of Indonesia from Natural Charm to the Oldest Tattoo Tradition in the World

The Mentawai Islands region is the only regency whose territory is separated by sea from West Sumatra Province.

Geographically, the northern boundary of the Mentawai Islands Regency is the Siberut Strait, the east is bordered by the Mentawai Strait, and the west and south are bordered by the Indian Ocean.

Various Interesting Things about Mentawai

1. A paradise for divers

Mentawai Islands are known to have a beautiful and exotic underwater charm. One of the dive sites is on Awera Island, precisely in Tuapejat Village, North Sipora, Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra.

A paradise for divers

Awera Island is a tourist destination visited by many divers because it has the beauty of an amazing marine park.

2. Beautiful beach for surfing

Not only the charm under the sea, but the charm of the waves in the Mentawai Islands is also the target of surfers.

Beautiful beach for surfing

According to the page of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, the position of the beach directly facing the Indian Ocean makes this archipelago have consistently large waves. One of the paradises for world surfers is at Mapadegat Beach in Tuapejat.

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Mapadegat Beach is a surfing spot that is famous for its round and long waves like telescopes.

3. Has a variety of unique primates

The Mentawai Islands are also home to a variety of endemic animals, including several unique primates.

Has a variety of unique primates

In some parts of the island that are still beautiful, these endemic primates can live freely.

There are four endemic primates including bilou or pygmy gibbon (Hylobates klossii), simakobu or pig-tailed monkey (Simias concolor), bokkoi or Mentawai macaque (Macaca pagensis), and joja or Mentawai langur (Presbytis potenziani).

4. Often shaken by earthquakes

In addition to its natural charm, the position of the Mentawai Islands also makes it one of the islands in Indonesia that is often shaken by large earthquakes. This is because the Mentawai Islands region was formed due to complex movements in the forearc of northern Sumatra. Plus the shape and position of the west coast of the Mentawai Islands towards the jamming area.

This position places Mentawai on the active plate so that this region has the potential to be affected by geological disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

5. The oldest tattoo tradition in the world

In the Mentawai Islands, there is a tradition of body tattoos that are called the oldest tattoos in the world. This is because, for the Mentawai people, tattoos are an identity.

The tattoo, which locals refer to as titi or tiktik, became a symbol ranging from the land of origin to social status, such as how great a hunter was.


The ink used comes from wood charcoal or burnt which is mashed, then mixed with sugarcane juice. The needles used come from plant thorns that will be pierced into the skin layer to form various motifs.

That's a little information about "Mentawai, an Indonesian beauty from natural charm to the oldest tattoo tradition in the world". Hopefully, it can be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy natural tourism in Indonesia.