Do you still enjoy the atmosphere in Indonesia? If you are still in Indonesia and happen to be in Jakarta, there is nothing wrong with spending a little time enjoying the beautiful parks in Jakarta. One of them is a simple trip to Spathodea Park in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

Located in the Jagakarsa area, this park with an area of 2.3 hectares is always crowded with people of various ages.

Taking information from, the park located on the side of the road is crowded with people, especially during weekends and national holidays. Because access is easy and connected to residents' homes.  

Spathodea Park in Jagakarsa
Spathodea Park in Jagakarsa (Photo:

Not only that, almost all areas of Spathodea Park have a cool location because they are filled with shady trees.  

In general, the cleanliness in Spathodea Park is also maintained and the facilities are quite good. So that anyone will feel at home for a long time.

Location and Opening Hours of Spathodea Park

Spathodea Park is located at Gang Kriep Number 13, Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta City.

To get to the location, visitors can use various vehicles both private and public transportation.

Visitors can take the M17 public car (Pasar Minggu-Lenteng Agung) or JakLingko, namely JAK.46 (Pasar Minggu-Jagakarsa) to arrive in front of Spathodea Park.

Location and Opening Hours of Spathodea Park

For those who take the Electric Rail Train - Commuter Line, the nearest station is Lenteng Agung Station. Its distance from the park is about 5.2 kilometers (km).

The nearest TransJakarta bus stop is Ragunan bus stop. From Lenteng Agung Station or Ragunan Bus Stop, you can continue to take online motorcycle taxis or public transportation. 

Spathodea Park is open every Monday to Sunday, from 07.00 WIB until 17.00 WIB. Around 17:00 WIB, security officers will begin warning visitors to exit the park.

Facilities of Taman Spathodea

Not only spacious, but the public facilities available in Spathodea Park are quite complete and worth using. In the front area, there are various snacks and a large parking area. 

The park also has a well-maintained running track, fish pond, shady trees, a playground for children, and several comfortable seating.

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There are also public toilets with clean water, trash cans, photo spots, and bookshelves from the Bookhive mini library.

This mini library provides a wide variety of books, ranging from comics, and encyclopedias, to magazines. The books are free to read, their origin is preserved and returned to their place.

Things to Do in Spathodea Park

Spathodea Park has a large area and fairly complete facilities. Therefore, visitors can do quite a lot of activities.  

1. Exercise.

This park has a neat, regular jogging track, and the contours are also up and down. In addition to running or brisk walking, quite a lot of visitors do other types of sports, such as badminton or cycling.

2. Sit back or hang out.

Many visitors come to sit back, enjoying the cool afternoon breeze while munching on snacks. Spathodea Park also provides a variety of seating or relaxing spots.

3. Read various books.

In the center of the park, there is a mini library cabinet, donated by Bookhive, and public bookshelves. This book contains various genres, including comics, magazines, novels, and children's books.

4. Picnic with family, friends, or couples.

Spathodea Park has many grassy areas that are suitable for picnic spots.

5. Feed fish with feed starting from IDR 5,000.

There are two fish lakes in Spathodea Park, at the front and back. You can unwind while feeding fish on the edge of the lake.  

6. Take pictures.

Spathodea Park has several interesting photo spots. Although not all of them are aesthetically pleasing, several places are often used as places to create content or take pictures.  

7. Take young children to play.

Because, Spathodea Park provides several playground equipment such as swings, iron bars, and others, which are scattered in several locations.

Tips to Spathodea Park

Here are some visit tips that can be considered so that your arrival is more comfortable.

  1. Come other than Saturday and Sunday, if you want the park situation to be a bit quiet. Because the most crowded time Spathodea Park is visited is Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.
  2. Do not bring four-wheeled vehicles. If you come on weekends or national holidays, visitors are advised not to bring four-wheeled vehicles because the parking area will usually be very full.
  3. Bring cash. If you want to relax in the park while enjoying a variety of food and drinks, don't forget to bring cash for culinary snacks in front of the park. This is because sellers have not provided QRIS or other non-cash payments.
  4. Supervise children. Given the size of the park, the crowds on site, and the presence of an open lake, parents or guardians are expected to always supervise their children. Especially when playing by the lake.
  5. Do not litter. Visitors are encouraged to maintain cleanliness and comply with the rules that apply in Spathodea Park, such as not smoking and mandatory throwing garbage into its place.  
  6. General visitors, can directly enter the Spathodea Park area without any conditions and permits. However, groups such as from schools or institutions, can bring permission letters from their respective institutions.

Photo spots in Spathodea Park

Several areas are suitable as photo spots or create content. Moreover, the trees and grass in Spathodea Park are still lush and beautiful so it looks beautiful.  

Photo spots in Spathodea Park

Some recommended photo spots include in the middle of a white bridge, on the edge of the lake, on the path, on the grass for a picnic concept pose, and a circle chair at the back of the park.

That's a little information about "a simple trip to Spathodea Park in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta". Hopefully, this information can be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy cheap tours in Jakarta.