Want to enjoy traveling differently than usual? It seems that traveling information from Kompas.com about traveling to various parks in Jakarta can be an option when you stop by Jakarta. One of them is the "Taman Bambu" in East Jakarta, Indonesia.

East Jakarta itself has several public and green spaces that can be visited during free time or on weekends.  

This tourist spot is easy to reach by private vehicle or public transportation. Because, the location is close to TMII LRT Station and Pinang Ranti Terminal, and passed by JakLingko. 

"Taman Bambu" in East Jakarta, Indonesia
"Taman Bambu" in East Jakarta, Indonesia (Photo: Google Maps/Indra Chen)

"This park is passed by public transportation and there is also a parking lot for cars or motorbikes," said Taman Bambu security officer.

Taman Bambu is located in the Bambu Apus area, Cipayung, East Jakarta. This green open space built by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Park and Cemetery Office has an area of about 2.9 hectares.  

Visitors can enjoy the Bamboo Garden for free. Starting from exercising, sitting relaxed on a park bench or gazebo, picnicking, to enjoying shady trees.

Location and Opening Hours of the Bamboo Garden

Taman Bambu is located at Jalan Rw. Binong Blok Jacky No.60, Bambu Apus, Cipayung District, East Jakarta. 

This park can be visited in several ways, one of which is by taking the Jabodebek LRT, and then getting off at the TMII LRT Station. Then, continue to take public transportation JAK.06 (Pondok Gede-Kampung Rambutan) to arrive in front of the park.

The beauty of the "Taman Bambu"
The beauty of the "Taman Bambu" (Photo: Google Maps/Iwan Fauzi)

Another option, you get off at Pinang Ranti Terminal. Then continue using public transportation T05 (Setu) to arrive at Taman Bambu.

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Taman Bambu is open every Monday-Sunday. Operating hours to visit this park are from 07.00 to 17.30 WIB.

Facilities of Taman Bambu

People can enjoy the Bamboo Garden by utilizing various facilities such as plazas, gazebos, garden chairs, toilets, to parking lots.  

In addition, you can do various sports activities in this park, because there are Sri tracks, futsal courts, and volleyball courts.

The serenity of the "Taman Bambu"
The serenity of the "Taman Bambu" (Photo: Google Maps/Rumi 90)

While enjoying the view of the lake, visitors can sit back and relax on the available park benches, surrounded by protective trees that add to the coolness of the park.

If hungry, visitors are allowed to eat and drink in the Bamboo Garden area as long as they maintain cleanliness.

However, no vendors are selling inside, so visitors must head towards the front of the park. 

Comfortable facilities in "Taman Bambu"
Comfortable facilities in "Taman Bambu" (Photo: Google Maps/Abdurrohman Sholeh) 

With large land, shady trees, and sufficient facilities, this park can be a reference for free tourist visits with family.

That's a little information about "Taman Bambu" in East Jakarta. Hopefully, it can be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy a walk in the park during a stopover in Jakarta.