Has anyone ever heard of "Stone Garden Bandung"? If you have, surely you will be impressed with Stone Garden Bandung and its attractions.

Stone Garden is a natural tourist attraction located in the Citatah karst area in West Bandung Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. This tourist attraction is very suitable to be visited by tourists who love challenging outdoor activities.

Taking the information conveyed by Kompas.com, as the name implies, Stone Garden is an area that contains rocks with irregular formations to create a beautiful rock garden, as quoted from the report 6 Indonesian Adventure Tourism Destinations, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia.

Stone Garden Bandung
Stone Garden Bandung (Photo: Instagram.com/stone.gar)

The location is in Girimulya Village, Gunung Masigit Village, Cipatat District, West Bandung Regency. In addition to traveling, visiting the Stone Garden can introduce tourists to the geological history of the earth from Pasundan soil stones that have been thousands or even millions of years old.  

Highlights of Stone Garden Bandung

As mentioned earlier, Stone Garden is located in the Citatah Karst area, West Bandung Regency. This area was formed in the Miocene period, about 20-30 million years ago.

Millions of years ago this plateau was a shallow sea area that later dried up.

Stone Garden is an area that contains rocks with irregular formations to create a beautiful rock garden. This rock garden is located at the top of Pawon Sand Dune with an altitude of 709 meters.

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The combination of rocks, white limestone hills, and green trees and weeds in Stone Garden produces an exotic panorama. In addition, the Stone Garden area is also surrounded by shallow valleys.

Highlights of Stone Garden Bandung
The expanse of rocks around the tour (Photo: Gmap/syaiful anwar)

There is Pawon Cave in the Stone Garden area which is one of the five ancient human sites in Indonesia. Archaeologists estimate that this cave has been inhabited since thousands of years ago.

Inside the Pawon Cave itself found fossils of ancient Mongoloid humans who are more than 5,600 years old. In addition to fossils, prehistoric human relics were also found in this rock garden which covers an area of two hectares.

Stone Garden is equipped with parking area facilities, toilets, prayer rooms, stalls, and souvenir shops.

Things to Do at Stone Garden Bandung  

Various tourist activities can be done at Stone Garden Bandung, as follows:

Things to Do at Stone Garden Bandung
(Photo: jurnaldesa.id)
  • Enjoy the view  

Stone Garden presents a beautiful and exotic panorama. Ancient irregular rock formations look beautiful and natural.

From the top of the hill, visitors can see the expanse of ancient rocks combined with white limestone hills and green trees around it.

  • Trekking  

To reach Stone Garden, visitors must trek as far as 1.5 kilometers about 30 minutes. The climb will be through a path surrounded by grasslands with ancient rocks.

During the climb, tourists can study ancient rocks that lie in this two-hectare area.

  • Photo hunting

Stone Garden has many charming photo spots, so many people do prewedding photos at this location.

Late afternoon is the perfect time to hunt for cool photos at Stone Garden. Because, in the afternoon tourists can watch the twilight sky from the top of the hill.

  • Camping  

Tourists who want to enjoy a star-studded night can camp at Stone Garden. Several camping sites offer beautiful views of Stone Garden.

Stone Garden Bandung ticket prices  

Stone Garden Bandung ticket price is quite affordable, which is IDR 12,000 per person. However, the ticket does not include camping activities.

Stone Garden Bandung ticket prices
(Photo: jurnaldesa.id)

There are special camping rates that apply, the amount is adjusted to the duration of camping. Stone Garden Bandung is open every day, starting from 05.00 WIB to 18.00 WIB.

That's a little information about "Stone Garden Bandung and its attraction". Hopefully, it can be a reference for you, and come enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia.