Mount Telomoyo, a view of the top 5 cloud-covered mountains, is an interesting theme this time. The natural attractions of Mount Telomoyo are one of the tourist destinations in Central Java which are famous for their beauty.

Mount Telomoyo, a view of the peaks of 5 cloud-covered mountains
Mount Telomoyo (Photo: Google Maps @Dani Racman)

Some tourists know it from social media posts that display the beauty of the scenery of Mount Telomoyo which displays a stretch of clouds.

Location of Mount Telomoyo

The location of Mount Telomoyo is in Pandean Village, Ngablak District, Magelang Regency, Central Java.

The peak of Telomoyo is at an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level and is located in the Semarang Regency and Magelang Regency, Central Java (the border of Semarang Regency and Magelang Regency).

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Reporting from, Mount Telomoyo is a mountain adjacent to Mount Andong.

The Beauty of Mount Telomoyo with the Charm of the Five Mountains Peak

The specialty of Mount Telomoyo is that its peak can be reached by using a motorbike or using a rental jeep, so tourists do not need to be tired of climbing.

Reporting from, Mount Telomoyo is also the only mountain in Indonesia that can be climbed using a vehicle. However, only two-wheeled vehicles or bicycles and motorcycles are allowed to climb to the top of Telomoyo.

Even so, make sure the bike and motorcycle are strong uphill and have brakes that function properly.

The Beauty of Mount Telomoyo with the Charm of the Five Mountains Peak
Mesmerizing panorama from the top of Mount Telomoyo (Photo: WIKAN PRASETYA)

As for four-wheeled vehicles, they are not allowed to ride because the road is narrow and winding with sharp climbs and steep descents. If the driver cannot master the terrain, it will be very dangerous for tourists.

Instead, in the Mount Telomoyo tourist area, there is a fleet of Jeeps as transportation to the peak which includes drivers who are trained and master the terrain.

The manager provides the Jeep facility with costs starting from Rp 400,000 for four people.

The view to the top of Telomoyo will be very pleasing to the eye, especially when the weather is sunny in the morning.

Tourists will be spoiled with extraordinary natural scenery plus the cool air of the mountains that hit.

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If lucky, tourists can even see the peaks of five mountains namely Mount Ungaran, Mount Andong, Mount Sumbing, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Prau which are shrouded by clouds. Meanwhile, if the clouds begin to disappear, you will see the blue expanse of Rawa Pening in Ambarawa from a distance.

Telomoyo, a view of the top 5 cloud-covered mountains (Photo: Google Maps @DBlitz)

If you want to visit Mount Telomoyo, in this area various other tourist destinations are no less interesting. Tourists can visit Sekar Langit Waterfall, Sumuran Seloprojo, Embung Sekembang Pagergunung, Telaga Bleder, Inggil Telomoyo Cafe, Taman Langit, Telomoyo Nature Park, and the warm spring of Candi Umbul.

Route to Mount Telomoyo

Reporting from, the best time to go to the top of Mount Telomoyo is the morning after dawn or in the afternoon before sunset.

However, the enchanting sunset and sunrise views can only be witnessed when the weather is clear.

Route to Mount Telomoyo
Telomoyo (Photo: 

Route to Mount Telomoyo via Dalangan from Salatiga City:

  • The closest town to Mount Telomoyo via Dalangan is Salatiga. The distance to Telomoyo Parking Area via Dalangan is about 16 kilometers (km) with a travel time of approximately 35 minutes.
  • From Salatiga City, head north towards Getasan District (Kopeng) located at the foot of Mount Merbabu.
  • Continue to follow the Salatiga-Magelang main road through Getasan (Kopeng) until the Mount Merbabu National Park Office National Park Management Section Region 1. There is a fork in the road in front of the office on the left of that road. Turn right at the fork in the road and leave the main road.
  • Next, follow the winding road. Later the entrance gate of Mount Telomoyo via Dalangan is on the right of the road.
  • If you ride a motorcycle, the trip to the top of Mount Telomoyo can be done by continuing to drive.

4 Tourist Spots on Mount Telomoyo

In addition to the beautiful mountain peaks and can see 5 other mountain peaks, there are also 4 tourist spots, including:

1. Awang-awang Sky View Telomoyo glass deck

The first spot is Awang-awang Sky View Telomoyo. This place is a kind of photo spot like a viewing platform. Tourists will be on the glass deck to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

Tourists can see the beautiful scenery of Mount Merbabu, Andong, Sumbing, and Sindoro.

2. Inggil Telomoyo with flying fox activities

If you are not satisfied with the photo activities, tourists can do other activities, namely trying the zipeline gantole at Inggil Telomoyo. The location is near the top.

Zipeline gantole is a kind of flying fox. Tourists will slide into a position like riding a gantole. They will feel like flying in the sky.

Information from, tourists who wait will be treated to Telomoyo's typical coffee preparation, namely Sepakung Coffee.

3. Telomoyo Sky Park

Taman Langit is a new tourist spot in the peak area of Mount Telomoyo. Almost the same as Awang-awang Sky View, there is a deck that juts into the sky.

Tourists can see several mountains in Central Java, such as Sindoro, Sumbing, Prau, and Ungaran.

4. Camping ground at the top of Telomoyo

Tourists can spend the night at the top of Mount Telomoyo by camping.

The camping area is on the east side of the peak. Tourists can reach it by walking from below or walking close to the parking area.

Tips for Climbing Mount Telomoyo

Getting information about the intended place in traveling is very important. Similarly, when going up to the top of Mount Telomoyo.

Launching from, there are tips on climbing Mount Telomoyo, including:

1. Know the time if you want to chase the sunrise

The path to the top of Mount Telomoyo can be accessed from Sepakung Village, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency.

From Sepakung it takes about 30 minutes by motorbike to penetrate the fog and cold air that is felt.

It is recommended to arrive at the top around 05.00 WIB so as not to miss the golden time sunrise.  

2. Know the amount of money that needs to be prepared

In addition, it is important to prepare money as needed.  

Visitors who are afraid of being late to enjoy the sunrise in Telomoyo can stay at a guest house run by the community. The fare is quite affordable, between Rp 75,000 to Rp 125,000.

While entrance tickets for IDR 15,000 can be purchased at the entrance post.

The distance from the post to the summit is about 5 kilometers. "If the end uses a car, it can be parked at the post, if you want a motorcycle taxi IDR 50,000, and if you rent IDR 60,000."

From Sepakung Post, the car has not been able to climb to the top. However, if you ride from the Magelang route, visitors can rent a jeep that can be ridden in groups. From Sepakung this car is still in the process of taking care of permits because the driver needs special skills, in addition to steep and winding roads, the size is also narrow.

Before reaching the top, visitors can go up to the Telomoyo platform with a ticket of IDR 10,000.

3. Know the best months for a visit

Between July to September is the best time to enjoy the scenery in Telomoyo.

4. Understand the terrain and prepare the vehicle

Visitors who ride motorbikes must be careful and always vigilant because the road conditions on Mount Telomoyo are steep. Do not force to gas the motor when going up and down, it can be dangerous. It is better to periodically stop at the rest area provided, check the condition of the brakes, and cool for a while before continuing the trip.

That's a little information and the beauty of Mount Telomoyo, a view of the top 5 mountains covered in clouds. Hopefully, it can provide information for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of tourism and mountains in Indonesia.