Are you looking for a family travel destination in Surabaya, Indonesia? If so, then Surabaya Zoo, East Java can be an alternative tourist spot when you arrive in Surabaya.

One of the popular zoos in East Java, it was founded on August 31, 1916, by HFK. Kommer, based on information from the official website. The initial location of this zoo is on Jalan Kaliondo, Kapasan, Simokerto District, Surabaya.

(Photo: Google Maps/Dia Putranto Harmay)

Now, the location of Surabaya Zoo is on Jalan Setail Number 1, Darmo, Wonokromo District, Surabaya.

Highlights of Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo was once the most complete zoo in Southeast Asia, in the period 1957 to 1970, based on information from its official website.

This 15-hectare zoo now has a collection of more than 2179 animals, consisting of 230 species. Including endangered animals in Indonesia and the world mammals, aves, reptiles, and Pisces.

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Not only the collection of animals, but tourists who visit will also get complete information about the animals at Surabaya Zoo.

Highlights of Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo is also equipped with various rides. Tourists can watch animal attractions, go around artificial lakes by boat, ride animals, such as elephants and camels, and many others.

Tourists can also capture moments with animals and take pictures at Instagramable spots. Before going home, tourists can shop for souvenirs from Surabaya Zoo at the souvenir outlet.

Surabaya Zoo ticket prices

The entrance ticket price of Surabaya Zoo is quite pocket-friendly, which is IDR 15,000 per person. The ticket price is valid on weekdays and weekends.

 There are also group tickets, which are IDR 13,000 per person. Group tickets are valid for a minimum purchase of 30 tickets, and get one free entrance ticket, multiples apply.

Surabaya Zoo ticket prices
(Photo: Google Maps/Anindya Azizah Rahma)

Children with a height of 85 centimeters have been charged the normal entrance fee.

In addition to the entrance ticket, visitors who bring vehicles are also charged parking rates. The parking rates within the Surabaya Zoo area are IDR 5,000 for motorbikes, IDR 8,000 for cars, and IDR 10,000 for buses or minibusses.

Surabaya Zoo's opening hours

Surabaya Zoo is open every day from 08.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB. Visitors are prohibited from laying mats or crowding in the Surabaya Botanical Garden area.

Surabaya Zoo's opening hours
(Photo: Google Maps/Budiono Sukses)

That's a little information about "Surabaya Zoo, East Java". Hopefully, it will be an option for those of you who want to enjoy the variety of fauna and flora in Surabaya.