Central Java Province has many mountains that can be used for climbing tourism. Not only high mountains above 3,000 meters above sea level are suitable to climb. One of the mountains with an altitude below 2,000 meters above sea level in Central Java is Mount Mudia. You can also climb the Songolikur Peak of Mount Muria in Central Java, Indonesia.

This mountain is on the north side of Central Java, so it can be referred to as the crown of Central Java.

(Photo: instagram.com/imron_al_ali)

The Songolikur peak of Mount Muria extends from north to south. There are petilasan or pilgrimage places there, namely Petilasan Sang Hyang Wenang-Sang Hyang Wening and Petilasan Sang Hyang Semar.

Songolikur Peak Mount Muria

Mount Muria is a mountain range that has many peaks. Some of the famous ones include Natas Angin, Argopiloso, and Songolikur (29).

The last name (Songolikur) is the highest peak of Mount Muria with an altitude of 1,602 meters above sea level.

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Here you can start climbing from the base camp in Rahtawu Village, Kudus which is a parking area and several warungs (traditional eating places).

The initial path of climbing Mount Muria is in the form of a cast road that is usually passed by residents to the plantation. Climbers can rent ojek services to Eyang Pandu Hermitage.

Route to Songolikur Summit Climbing Basecamp of Mount Muria

Taking information from Kompas.com, then the route to Mount Muria Climbing Basecamp Songolikur Peak from Holy Square:

  1. Follow the street north of Holy Square to the west. Then, turn left after the Holy Regent Office.
  2. Continue straight for 3 kilometers until the red light intersection of the North Ring Road. Turn left at this intersection.
  3. Continue straight until the intersection of the red light, then turn right.
  4. Continue straight following the main road for about 19 km or 45 minutes. The road will reach the hilly area and is in the valley of Mount Muria
  5. Continue forward, and follow the main road of Rahtawu Village until the end of the valley. When there is an intersection, turn left and the journey arrives at the Songolikur Mount Muria Peak Climbing Basecamp.

Mount Muria Songolikur Peak hiking trail

Climbers will go through several posts to get to the Songolikur Peak of Mount Muria. Posts 1 and 2 are on the side of the cast road. Climbers will pass several rivers whose water can be drunk directly.

Then there is the branching of the Sendang Bunton and Trenggo lines. Next, there is Post 3 which is on the side of the cast road.

Mount Muria Songolikur Peak hiking trail
Mount Muria which has several climbing peaks (Photo: Instagram.com/desawisatatempur)

If you pass the Trenggo route, if you arrive at Sendang Bunton (Post IV). There is a sacred stream of water, as well as a warung (traditional place to eat). Hikers can eat and drink at this stall.

After Sendang Bunton, there is Post V. There is a building made of zinc. In less than 15 minutes from Post V, you will arrive at Eyang Pandu Hermitage. If you take an ojek, the trip can only get here and continue on foot.

From Eyang Pandu Hermitage, the journey to the top takes about 30 minutes through an uphill path.

Arrive at the Songolikur Peak of Mount Muria

There are several sacred places on Songolikur Peak, namely on the south side there are Petilasan Sang Hyang Wenang and Sang Hyang Wening. Then on the north side of the peak, there is another sacred place, namely Petilasan Sang Hyang Semar.

There are several stalls on Songolikur Peak. If open, climbers or pilgrims can eat and drink at the stalls. If you want to spend the night at this peak, you can use a tent.

Arrive at the Songolikur Peak of Mount Muria
Songolikur Peak (29): Tourist Attractions as well as Historical Treasures (Photo: jateng.disway.id)

In the morning, the beautiful sunrise will be visible when the weather is clear, side by side with the other peaks of Mount Muria.

Other mountain ranges in Central Java also seem not to want to be missed. Mount Lawu, Merbabu, Ungaran, to Sindoro-Sumbing appear on the southern horizon. When there is no moisture, the north coast of Java will also reveal itself.

Ticket price for climbing Songolikur Peak Mount Muria

There is no climbing base camp like in other mountains. There are only parking lots and food stalls.

Therefore, there is no procedure that climbers have to do but only pay parking rates. The price of overnight parking rates for motorbikes is IDR 10,000 and cars IDR 20,000.

Another fare that climbers need to pay is the entrance ticket to Rahtawu Tourism Village of Rp 3,000 per person.

That's a little information about "climbing to the Songolikur Peak of Mount Muria in Central Java, Indonesia". Hope this information is helpful.