Suspected of Exhaustion, the mountaineer died on Mount Rinjani. The climber was found dead on the Torean hiking trail, Mount Rinjani National Park, on Saturday (10/28/2023).

Elderly climber from Central Lombok dies on Torean Rinjani Hiking Trail (Photo: Humas TNGR)

Reporting from, according to Muhammad Wahyudi Gunawan, Public Relations of the Gunung Rinjani National Park Office, Sunday (10/29/2023), it was conveyed that "The victim looked exhausted when walking, then sat for a while, and immediately died on the spot," the statement was quoted from the official @btn_gn_rinjani Instagram page.

Chronology of Climbers Died Suspected of Exhaustion 

The report of the discovery of the dead climber was received by the Mount Rinjani National Park Office from a guide on Saturday.

According to information received by the Gunung Rinjani National Park Office, the climber who died was initially Ald (66 years old), a resident of Semoyang Village, East Praya District, Central Lombok Regency.

Initially, the guide found the dead climber around the location of Banyu Urip. 

After that, the guide along with the two fellow climbers brought the victim down to the location of the Orange Plantation, on the Torean hiking trail.

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After receiving information from the guide, the Gunung Rinjani National Park Office immediately coordinated. 

At around noon WITA, the evacuation team along with six porters and a media worker went to pick up the victims. 

The evacuation team arrived at Birisan Nangka Post at around 13.30 WITA, and after that continued their journey to the location of the Orange Plantation.

"At around 6:30 p.m., the evacuation team with the victims arrived in Torean Village, and then the victims were taken to the Senaru Community Health Center.

The victim arrived at the Senaru Community Health Center at around 7:21 p.m., then was immediately examined by medical personnel. After the examination, at around 20.05 WITA the victim's body was handed over by the Gunung Rinjani National Park Office to the family to be taken to the funeral home. 

Reflecting on this event, the Mount Rinjani National Park Office urges climbers to continue to pay attention and follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for climbing in TNGR. 

This is important to obey, he continued, for the sake of mutual security, comfort, and safety.

"Always use adequate climbing equipment, carry sufficient logistical supplies, and do not force yourself to continue the journey when you feel tired".

If you feel tired, climbers are asked to take a short break to recharge, before returning to continue the journey. 

"The real goal when climbing is to return home, then gather with family and loved ones." 

That's a little information about "Suspected Fatigue, mountaineer dies on Mount Rinjani". Hopefully, this information is useful for you, especially those of you who want to climb the mountain to always maintain body condition before climbing.