Jakarta is a recommended 2024 destination for international tourists, according to global travel authority Lonely Planet.

The list was released by Lonely Planet to coincide with its 50th anniversary.

In addition to city recommendations, Lonely Planet also recommends sustainable and best-value countries, regions, and destinations.

Tourists take pictures with the background of Fatahillah Museum in the Old Town area, Jakarta, Saturday (06/08/2019) (Photo: Liputan6.com/Faizal Fanani)

According to SVP Content and Executive Editor of Lonely Planet, Nitya Chambers, as quoted from PR Newswire, Wednesday (11/1/2023), "To celebrate 50 years of travel, we offer a window into the scenery, culture, and community in 50 incredible destinations, each of which represents the future of travel (and Lonely Planet) in the years to come."

Jakarta, Lonely Planet recommended city

In its release, Lonely Planet mentioned that Jakarta is an interesting place to visit before stopping by other cities in Indonesia.

Although, the capital of the country will soon move and is no longer in Jakarta.

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Reporting from Kompas.com, according to Ardy Wiraputra who is the owner of The Packer Lodge accommodation and was born in Jakarta, "This cosmopolitan city is still a place to enjoy the comfort of the city before exploring the corners of the country. Experience this dynamic metropolis before it changes."

In the same release, Lonely Planet wrote several recommendations for activities to do in Jakarta.

This can be started by enjoying Sunday morning by walking along Jalan Sudirman and Thamrin, enjoying the empty daily busy road.

Then, tourists are also recommended to stop at the National Monument to see the capital city from a height of 132 meters.

After that, tourists can go to the Old Town area and enjoy the best collection of puppets at the Puppet Museum, then stop by the Kite Museum, and enjoy the nightlife.

"It all started in Jakarta as a melting pot of culture and cuisine. The nightlife is great too, we can clubbing in places like Duck Down, Lucy in the Sky, Dragonfly, Billions, and Embassy."

As for Jakarta, some cities that are also included in the recommendation are Nairobi, Paris, Montreal, Mostar, Philadelphia, Manaus, Prague, Izmir, and Kansas City.

Let's visit Jakarta because Jakarta is Included in the 2024 Destination Recommendations. And this will certainly make you amazed by the beauty of Jakarta.