Want to see the natural beauty of mountains in Indonesia? You can try to enjoy Mount Wayang in Lumajang, a beauty with a panoramic view of Mahameru. Most of these natural attractions are in Lumajang on the south side, one of which is in Candipuro District. This sub-district has one interesting tourist spot, namely Mount Wayang with an altitude of about 987 meters above sea level (masl).

Wayang Mountain in Lumajang, A Beauty with Mahameru Panorama
Mount Semeru from the Wayang Mountain campground (Photo: instagram.com/gunungwayanglumajang/)

It is interesting to talk about one of the natural tourist attractions in East Java. From various references, the notes of Anggara Wikan Prasetya from this Kompas.com are very interesting to convey here.

Although named mountain, this place is a panoramic spot. Visitors can witness the beauty of the scenery from a height.

Location of Mount Wayang

The location of Mount Wayang is precisely in Sumberwuluh Village, Candipuro District, Lumajang Regency, East Java.

Location of Mount Wayang
Wayang Mountain camp (Photo: instagram.com/gunungwayangsumberwuluh/)

The distance from the center of Lumajang Regency is about 39 kilometers (km) with a travel time of approximately 1 hour.

The Beauty of Mount Semeru from Mount Wayang

Mount Wayang is one of the tourist attractions in Lumajang Regency, East Java that presents the beauty of natural panoramas.

The Beauty of Mount Semeru from Mount Wayang
Beautiful view of Mount Semeru (Photo: instagram.com/gunungwayangsumberwuluh/)

One of the highlights is the panorama of the roof of Java Island, Mount Semeru which looks towering on the north side.

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As an active volcano, visitors can also see eruptions from the Semeru crater which are sometimes accompanied by rumbling sounds.

At night when visitors camp on Mount Wayang, there is a faint orange light from the Semeru crater which is incandescent lava.

The Beauty of Mount Semeru from Mount Wayang
Beautiful atmosphere at Mount Wayang Lumajang  (Photo: instagram.com/gunungwayanglumajang/)

Not only the panorama of Semeru. Tourists can also watch the beautiful sunrise or sunrise on a sunny morning.

From Mount Wayang, you can see the Semeru crater emitting smoke. Occasionally hot clouds appear from the top with a sliding distance that is not so far.

Occasionally there is also a rumbling sound like thunder that comes from the Semeru crater which erupts every 15 minutes or so.

Mount Wayang is also a place for paragliding runways. However, it is quite rare to see paragliding athletes training. Even so, there was a paragliding event held on Mount Wayang.

Beautiful view of Mount Semeru from Mount Wayang (Photo: instagram.com/gunungwayangsumberwuluh/)

In addition to watching the beauty of the panorama from a height, tourists can also camp on this Wayang Mountain.

When the weather is clear, the beautiful view of the sunrise from the eastern horizon is stunning. The sun will appear from the Iyang Mountain range (Argopuro).

Opening Hours and Entrance Ticket Prices to Mount Wayang

If you want to visit Mount Wayang, then the entrance ticket price per person is IDR 5,000 for ordinary tours. If camping, the rate is IDR 10,000 per person.

Visitors can walk about 30 minutes up steep roads or can take an ojek for Rp 20,000 round trip to save energy.

Opening Hours and Entrance Ticket Prices to Mount Wayang
Enjoy camping at Mount Wayang (Photo: instagram.com/gunungwayangsumberwuluh/)

The opening hours of Mount Wayang for regular tours are from morning to 17.00 WIB. Next is for campers.

While the clock until 21.00 WIB to enter the camping because if it is too late, afraid to disturb the surrounding residents.

Route to Mount Wayang Lumajang

The easiest route to Mount Wayang is first via the Lumajang-Malang main road via the southern route.

Follow the main road that passes through several districts, such as Pasirian and Candipuro. Arriving at Sumberwuluh Village, Candipuro District, precisely after the Sumberwuluh Village Office, there will be a T-junction where the main road turns to the left.

Leave the main road and slightly turn right. This road became the main route of Lumajang-Malang when the Gladak Perak Bridge was destroyed by the Semeru eruption.

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Next, follow a winding and fairly narrow road. Continue driving until you get stuck at a T-junction or branch, and turn left towards Kajar Kuning or Malang.

Route to Mount Wayang Lumajang
Mount Semeru, the appearance of Mount Wayang (Photo: instagram.com/gunungwayangsumberwuluh/)

Then, turn left when there is a signpost to the Semeru Observation Post of Mount Sawur. Follow the road and travel until the parking area of Mount Wayang Lumajang.

Vehicles must park in the parking area and to get to the top of Mount Wayang, visitors can walk or rent an ojek.

Camping tips on Mount Wayang

There are several tips when going camping on Mount Wayang quoting from Kompas.com, including:

1. Bring food and drinks

Camping at Wayang Mountain, don't forget to bring food and drinks. So if suddenly hungry and thirsty, you just have to eat and drink.

That's because there are no food or drink vendors. If you don't bring food or drink, get ready to starve and thirst.

2. Take a motorcycle taxi to the top

To save time and energy, tourists can take an ojek (motorbike rental with a driver) from the vehicle parking area to the top area of Mount Wayang.

If not, then tourists need to go along a fairly steep path. Ojek fare is IDR 20,000 round trip. Tourists can ask at the counter for ojek services.

3. Come in the afternoon

The afternoon is the right time to come for those who want to camp on Mount Wayang Lumajang.

When it was still afternoon, it was quite easy to set up a tent because it was still visible. Do not come too late because tourists who camp are only limited to come until 21.00 WIB for now because it is feared to disturb residents.

4. Bring warm clothes

Although the height is not up to 1,000 meters above sea level, tourists must prepare warm clothes if they want to camp.

That's because the air in Puppet Mountain will be quite cold at night. Bring a jacket to a sleeping bag so you don't get cold.

5. Stay away from landslide paragliding runways

There is a runway for paragliding on Mount Wayang. However, at this time there have been several avalanche points.

Because of course, it is quite dangerous, you should not camp or wander near the landslide points.

6. Bring down the trash

Maintaining cleanliness in tourist attractions is the responsibility of every visitor, including at Mount Wayang Lumajang.

Therefore, even though there is already a trash can in the peak area, still brings down the garbage to maintain cleanliness.

That's a little information about the natural beauty of "Wayang Mountain in Lumajang, a beauty with a panoramic view of Mahameru". Hopefully, it can be a reference.