You are enjoying a vacation or sightseeing in Jakarta or indeed there is an event in Jakarta. It seems that this one place is a pity to miss, Imagispace "Mid Summer Night's Dream Indonesia", in Jakarta can be an interesting choice to spend time with.

Imagispace is an art installation exhibition that offers interesting concepts that can be felt by the human senses. The theme is "Mid Summer Night's Dream Indonesia", which is an installation that presents Indonesia's biodiversity through digital technology.

Imagispace art exhibition at Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta (Photo: Wulandari Putri)

Imagispace wants to invite visitors to embark on a journey where we always get sunlight, an interesting journey through various regions in Indonesia.

Imagispace Location

Imagispace is located on the third floor of Plaza Senayan, precisely on Jalan Asia Afrika Number 8, Tanah Abang District, Central Jakarta.  

From the entrance of Plaza Senayan, you can take an escalator or elevator to the third floor. 

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Upon arrival on the third floor near the escalator, take the road to the left until it meets the entrance to the Imagispace exhibition.

Imagispace opening hours

Imagispace art exhibitions can be visited daily. On weekdays it opens from 12.00 WIB to 19.00 WIB and the last session is from 19.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB.  

Meanwhile, on weekends it opens from 10.00 WIB to 22.00 WIB.

Imagispace admission price

Imagispace entrance ticket prices on weekdays start from IDR 128,000 per person, while on weekends the ticket price starts from IDR 138,000 per person.  

Imagispace Location
(Photo: Wulandari Putri)

Ticket purchases can be online or directly purchased at the location.  If you want to buy tickets at the location, prospective visitors should provide electronic money because here does not serve cash transactions.

How to buy Imagispace tickets

Imagispace admission tickets can be purchased online or on-site.

  • How to buy Imagispace tickets online

Imagispace entrance tickets can be purchased online via the link in the official Instagram bio, or you can also directly click

After entering the ticket booking page, follow these steps:  

    1. Select "Book Now".  
    2. For new users select "Register" and fill in the data provided. Specify the date of visit, time of visit, and number of tickets to be booked.  
    3. Select "Continue".  
    4. Make sure the booking data listed is correct, then select "Pay Now" to continue the ticket purchase process.  
    5. The ticket will be in the form of an electronic ticket which can later be shown to the officer upon arrival.

  • How to buy Imagispace admission tickets offline  

Purchasing Imagispace entrance tickets offline or directly can be done at the registration desk. Officers at the location will later help to fill in visitor data.  

After that, visitors can pay for tickets that have been booked non-cash.

How to visit Imagispace 2023

Before coming to Imagispace, visitors are required to buy tickets first. Ticket purchases can be made online or in person.  

However, in anticipation of the full visit quota when arriving at the location, you should buy tickets online.  

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"Every day the quota per session is 100 people. Even if you come and buy tickets 30 to 40 minutes before the schedule, if the quota is full, tickets cannot be given."

If you have already pocketed a ticket, it is recommended to arrive at the location at least 30 minutes before the session starts so that visitors can get ready to remove their footwear before entering.  

Footwear such as shoes and sandals can be stored in a carry-on bag lent by the officer.

The Waterfall for Lifecreate Imagispace
The Waterfall for Lifecreate Imagispace (Photo: Samaria Simangunsong)

"We are punctual, the system is that if it is late, it is not allowed to enter."

When the selected session has begun, visitors will be given directions by the officer regarding the rules that must be obeyed while in the room.

After that, visitors can directly enter the installation room.  

Visitors at each session have one hour to tour the installation area.  As long as there is still time to visit, visitors can freely return to the previous room. The system enforced in Imagispace is not one-way. After an hour, visitors will be directed to exit the room through the door in the last room.

After that, visitors can return the bag previously lent by the officer to store footwear.

Rules for visiting Imagispace

1. Mandatory socks

Visitors who want to enter the Imagispace installation area are required to remove footwear and wear socks indoors.  

Before entering the room, Imagispace officers will lend a tote bag to store visitors' shoes or sandals. 

The use of socks in the installation area aims to maintain cleanliness and for the comfort of fellow visitors.

2. Do not bring food and drinks Visitors are prohibited from bringing food and drinks, let alone consuming them while indoors.  

"It is forbidden to bring food, drinks, dangerous objects that cause fire, and odor into the Imagispace area.".

3. Enter the room on schedule  

The schedule to enter the Imagispace installation room every day is intermittent every hour.  

Visitors who are late and not on schedule are not allowed to enter the room.  

4. Do not run indoors 

Visitors with children are asked to supervise children so as not to run or kick while indoors.  

The reason is, that the installation room is dominated by glass. Running and not being careful is feared to make visitors hit the installation glass.

5. Take pictures using your phone  

Visitors are allowed to take pictures while indoors using cellphone cameras.  

Meanwhile, professional cameras and the use of shooting aids such as tripods, as well as selfie sticks, are prohibited.  "If you use a mobile phone, it is forbidden to turn on the flash, because it is dark in the room, and there are lights. If the flash is turned on, the color will not be good".

Tips for visiting Imagispace

1. Wear white clothes

Rooms in Imagispace tend to be dark because lighting is only obtained from installation light. If you want to get good photos, it is recommended for visitors to wear white clothes. 

2. Arrive on time

Imagispace officers do not tolerate delay time for visitors who do not arrive on time.  

3. Refer a friend

Visitors who want to capture the moment in the installation room are allowed to take pictures using only a cellphone camera. Visitors are also prohibited from bringing shooting aids, such as tripods.

Therefore, you should invite friends or couples when visiting so you can ask for help if you want to take pictures.

4. Come a weekday  

Ambar says Imagispace is usually crowded on weekends. If you want to visit in an atmosphere that is not too crowded, you should come to Imagispace on weekdays.  

5. Do not rush  

Imagispace visitors have about an hour to wander around the room. There are five rooms with four installation themes, and each theme has its charm.

"Enjoy each installation slowly, no rush."

6. Buy tickets online 

Imagispace admission tickets can be purchased online or on-site. Given that each session is limited to a quota of 100 people, you should buy tickets online before visiting so you don't run out of tickets.  

Keep in mind, that if you have purchased tickets online, visitors should arrive at the location at least 30 minutes before the session begins. This is so that the ticket is not forfeited due to problems you arrive late.

How to get to Imagispace by public transportation  

There are two public transportation options closest to the Imagispace location that can be accessed, namely using the Integrated Raya Mode and TransJakarta buses.  

  • How to get to Imagispace by MRT

The nearest MRT station from the Imagispace location is Senayan MRT Station.  

If you take the MRT from Lebak Bulus Grab Station, Fatmawati Indomaret Station, Cipete Raya Station, Haji Nawi Station, Blok A Station, Blok M BCA Station, and ASEAN Station, you can take the MRT route Lebak Bulus Grab-Bundaran HI.  

Meanwhile, if you take the MRT from Bundaran HI Station, BNI Dukuh Atas Station, Setiabudi Astra Station, Bendungan Hilir Station, and Istora Senayan Station, you can take the MRT Bundaran HI-Lebak Bulus Grab route.

Then you can get off at Senayan Station. From the exit of Senayan MRT Station, it is about 900 meters from Plaza Senayan.  You can continue the walk for about 15 minutes, or you can also take an online motorcycle taxi to the location.

  • How to get to Imagispace by TransJakarta bus  

One of the closest TransJakarta bus stops from Plaza Senayan is the Senayan Roundabout Stop with a distance of about 700 meters.  

TransJakarta bus corridors served at the Senayan Roundabout Stop include Number 1 for the Blok M-Kali Besar Barat route, 1F for the Senayan Roundabout-Palmerah Station route, 4C for the Senayan-TU Gasal Roundabout route, 6M for the Manggarai-Blok M Station route, 6V for the Ragunan-Gelora Karno route, 9C for the Senayan-Pinang Ranti Roundabout route, 10H for the Tanjung Priok-Blok M route, and T11 for the Senayan-Poris Plawad Roundabout route.  

Out of the Senayan Roundabout Stop, you can continue the journey by walking for about 10 minutes, or you can also take an online motorcycle taxi.

If the Senayan Roundabout Stop is closed, you can get off at another stop, namely the Gelora Karno Stop which is about 1.4-2.1 kilometers (km) from Plaza Senayan. You can continue the journey by taking an online motorcycle taxi.

Arriving at Plaza Senayan, you can take the escalator to the third floor to meet the reservation desk at Remboelan restaurant. From there turn left and continue until you see an information banner showing the direction to Imagispace. Imagispace's location is right in front of a nail care outlet.

Isn't it interesting? Hopefully this information about "Imagispace 'Mid Summer Night's Dream Indonesia', in Jakarta" is useful and makes you always interested in Indonesia.